10 Spa & Salon Marketing Ideas To Gain More Customers

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No matter how awesome your salon is and how excellent your beauty services are, your business is never going to grow unless people know that it exists. This is where the concept of salon marketing plays a big role.

But before we tell you how to execute different marketing ideas for your salon, here are some eye-opening stats to pay attention to.


  • Global beauty salons and spa business will reach $190.81 billion by the year 2024. (Source)
  • About 70% of women in the U.S. use hair-coloring products. (Source)
  • 63% of people who buy beauty products trust brands if they find them on Instagram whereas 52% of shoppers say that they are more likely to buy beauty products if they see their ads on Facebook. (Source)
  • Beauty buyers between the age 35 and 65 are 50% more likely to use Instagram for comparing prices and doing research.
  • More than 75% of the beauty fanatics on Instagram, especially in the U.S. are only women.

Since salons are everywhere and the competition to be unique and excel in your beauty services is high, but not impossible.

Whether you are planning to launch a new salon or trying to grow your customer base, it is important to understand the various ways you can market your business to attract more clients.

10 Best Salon Marketing Ideas To Execute

Though there are plenty of strategies that you can apply, these 10 work out the best:

1. Dominate on Google results by doing SEO

google results

Given that a website is the most crucial thing that links to search engines, it should be the center-piece for your business marketing strategy.

Even if you don’t have one, it is certainly a “wake-up call.” If you want your salon business to be found on Google, this is the initial step to take.

Now, just having a website isn’t enough. There is no point unless you are ranking for your potential keywords. Search engines like Google like sites that provide best and quality information that is relevant to its searchers.

Once you have your website neatly organized with content, it is important to choose a few good keywords.

To select appropriate keywords with decent search volume, you need to know what your potential customers are searching for. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs for this.

Once you choose the right keywords for your business, it is time to add them to your web pages, title tags, and headers along with your business location so that your business shows up when people search for those keywords. This activity is called on-page SEO.

But this alone is not going to help you get on the top 10 search results of Google.

Understand that SEO (Search engine optimization) isn’t a one-time process and you cannot rank for potential keywords overnight.

It is a long-term process where you consistently provide meaningful content, build quality links, and drive engagement to your website.

We know that marketing for salon is a time-consuming job. Moreover, it requires good amount of knowledge and efforts to execute. That’s why we have created advanced SEO packages, exclusively designed for your business. Just pick one that suits your budget.

2. Publish some videos on YouTube


Fact: More than 65,000 videos are uploaded every day on YouTube and together they generate about 100+ million views each day. (Source: Wikipedia)

YouTube has certainly paved the way for brands to market and advertise to a wider audience. This applies to your salon business too.

Educating through videos is one of the most effective ways to obtain more and traffic to your channel. Besides visitors, the chances of converting those visits into customers are truly high.

Its all about creating videos that are entertaining and light hearted. You can start by creating a few videos on beauty tips, styling, and coloring. Also, do some product reviews because this way many brands will want to connect with you as apart of their promotional campaigns.

3. Promote on social media but keep Instagram on top


Promote your brand on major social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. However, Instagram should be on your top list.

Given Instagram’s popularity and its capability to reach a huge audience, it is a perfect fit for salons. From publishing about creative nail art to trendy hairstyles, there are infinite marketing opportunities on Instagram.

Even successful salons stay on top of the trend by keeping their Instagram account updated with meaningful and impressive content.

When it comes to salon marketing on Instagram, “before & after pictures/videos” work the best. Shoot a video of a customer going through the process of hair cut. Time lapse it to a 1-minute video and upload. This transformational journey not only grabs attention but also highlights your stylist’s skills.   

Post about your promotions and offers. Thank your clients or new vendors who team up with your business.

Have any new styling products or tools coming to your store? Just grab a few pictures and share them on Instagram. But don’t advertise too often – once in a while is a good idea.

4. Sell products that other salons don’t

One of the best ways to distinguish yourself from others is by carrying products that other salons don’t. This will keep your clients coming back for more.

A better idea to make it convenient for your customers is by selling those products online – right on your website.

If you price your products very low, you will lose money and if you keep them very high, you will lose clients. So, be concise. Offer a discount of 20% for friends & family (a perfect way to market your salon).

5. Register your salon with Google My Business

google my business

Fact: When it comes to local business like spas and salons, Google My Business accounts for about 19% of the performance. (Source: Moz)

There is a massive business hidden behind Google Business Listings. So, if you haven’t done this yet, it is not too late. The platform lets you to update a plenty of information about your business, even including your location.

Now, this means that whenever users perform a search for a keyword like “salons near me or best salons near me,” Google literally determines if your salon is close to the individual searching for it and shows up your details.

If you haven’t done this yet, you are missing out on a lot of prospects. Besides this, make your listing look richer by including pictures of your salon so that they know what kind of service your prospects can expect while stepping into your location.

Want more local customers for your business? You definitely need the right local SEO service.

6. Manage your online reviews

google reviews

Fact: Online reviews impact about 67.7% of the purchase decision. 74% of the customers say that positive reviews help them trust a business more. (Source: Brightlocal)

Salon business is highly competitive and your reputation is the key here. A good image not only gets you those coveted in-person references but also converts to incredible online reviews.

Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase? So, hope you have maintained enough online reviews to get your business going smooth.

Though many websites will tell you to do a lot of stuff to bring more reviews, we will tell you a simple mantra:

Excellent customer service is the best way to win great online reviews.

Besides this, even small things go a long way. 40% of clients say that even a little thing like reminding about their appointments can set your salon apart from the rest.

Also, cleanliness plays a crucial role. In fact, it is something that most customers look up to. If you don’t maintain your salon, it can lead you to negative reviews. So, ensure that your salon is hygienic and well-cleaned.

7. Run paid ads

google ads

Yes, of course, doing SEO consistently will help you rank on the top 10 results of Google page but there is another hurdle still.

Though you rank, you will see that the top three positions for most commercial keywords are dominated by “paid ads.”

With these ads, the chances of your website being clicked might be less. So, it is a good idea to run PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to dominate the results.

When you initiate your Ad campaign, you have to be as precise as you can. Since you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad link, try to target the right audience – the people who are actually in need of your service. You can do this by targeting the ads to specific group of audience.

Say, for instance, you can restrict your ads to be visible only to people who are at walking distance or close to your salon. Or maybe, you can define specific keywords that users use while searching.

When you be more specific, you are increasing the probability of your ad to be clicked by the audience who are likely to book with you.

8. Send monthly newsletters

Emailing your customers, a newsletter every month, is an excellent way for your business to remind your clients pay a visit.

But when you send a newsletter, there are some vital elements to always include:

  • Positive customer reviews that are recent
  • Promotions and offers
  • Clear visuals of products, services, and happy customers

9. Offer last-minute deals

For days or times where your business is running slow, it is a good idea to spice things up through special promotions.

Make sure to promote these offers with term “act fast.” These offers are a great way to add that blitz that your salon needs on slow business days.

Promote these offers on your website, email lists, and social media pages.

10. Do some influencer marketing

Also known as micro-influencer marketing, ambassador marketing, social media collaborations and partnerships, influencer marketing is truly a big deal for many small businesses.

In fact, influencer marketing is so effective that over 94% of companies who execute it say that it works and delivers 11+ times greater returns on investment when compared to other online marketing tactics.

While big beauty brands and cosmetic lines have been leveraging this concept to reach more new customers, it is no longer reserved for them. Spas & salons have began experimenting with “micro-influencers” to make a huge impact on helping their brand image and clientele grow online.

We hope that you have found these salon marketing ideas useful. We will keep this list updated. Meanwhile, if you have something great to share with our readers, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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